On Competitiveness… the Petty Type

Petty competitiveness.

You know what I’m talking about. The kind of competitiveness that you experience when you see another woman wearing those shoes you drooled over for an hour in the store but didn’t buy because you know full well you couldn’t walk in them, yet when you see her you think to yourself how you’d rock them so much better. Now you get me? No?

How about this: It’s that feeling you get when you go to a party hosted by a frenemy and you judge the snack table thinking “Look at that sad, sad cheese platter. I’d have such a better spread than this.” That. That is petty competitiveness.

I’m not talking about that healthy stuff that you experience as an Olympic athlete that helps you win a medal, I’m talking about that stuff that requires that you make someone else small in order to feel bigger. That stuff is petty.

It comes from a place of fear, not a place of power.

Why do you care if the other lady looks good in those shoes? You didn’t buy them anyway for a reason that was completely valid for you. Your life is not affected by her ability to wear them and look good. And, hey, that cheese platter? Be glad that snackies are on offer at a party. They’ll keep you from getting sick when you drink that cocktail on an empty stomach. And why in blue blazes do you even have frenemies? Why do you need to have friends that you don’t really like? There’s not enough life for all that negative energy.

Let it all go.

Being a jealous competitor does not benefit you. It makes you small. It saps your power. It sucks your energy. Energy you could be using to be kind. Energy you could be using to learn how to walk in those shoes. Energy you could be using to assemble a fantastic veggie tray to accompany the cheese platter on offer. Energy to become a better version of yourself.

How can you be a better version of yourself today?


About Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

I am proud, fat, and healthy. Yes, they can all go together like that. Read more at http://www.tianadodson.com View all posts by Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

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