How to Get One-Upped and Be Inspired By It

Today I was inspired.

But not by the normal type of inspirational quote or story or whatnot. I was inspired by someone who one-upped me. Yup. That’s right.

You see, in September 2012, I decided to make a real change in my life. I had been sitting on the sidelines for almost 2 years, participating in free webinars, reading blog posts, and getting emails all about taking the plunge and becoming a real, live Health Coach. I was totally hesitant because, well, you see, uh,… I’m fat. I do not fit the stereotype that we all perceive “healthy” folk to be. I mean, geesh, I had been seeing a Health Coach, who herself was perfectly slim, active, vibrant and vegan (and mostly raw).

How could I possibly be a Health Coach if I wasn’t more (exactly) like her? Who would ask me for health advice?

But an offer that was too good to be true came my way and I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines any more. I yelled at my coach (a.k.a. Husband) to, “Put me in!” (read: please pay this tuition). And just like *that* (read: after many conversations where I had to state the true nature of the program and what I’d get out of it and why I need it and what it would bring afterward) I was in!

But that was the easy part.

Part of the program required me to connect with other students. Should have been easy since everything is online and I was pretty much living there (and kinda still do) and I enjoy meeting and talking with other people. But it wasn’t.

Because I had a secret.

A dirty secret.

I was (am) fat.

And Health Coaches cannot be fat (says my Head).

So I resisted the connection as long as I could. I struggled with progress. I let fear rule. I couldn’t risk putting up my web page or writing an “About Me” section. God forbid I upload a photo…

Such. A. Waste. Of. Time.

And even today, I realize that in spite of my leap of faith, I still have moments where I am unsure. Where I’m listening to my Head and hearing, “Why would anyone hire you? You’re fat. Just give up.” And I feel weak, but I push on.

But, damn! I was talking about inspiration…

And today I found her: Fat Chick Health Coach. And I was blown away.

She pulls out all the stops. She claims who she is. She owns her identity.

She one-upped the s**t out of me.

And I’m in complete and total awe of her. Because as much as I say that I am authentic, that authenticity is the most important thing in my life right now, I have been afraid to be completely, bold-facedly honest about being fat and a health coach… well, at least online. 

So there’s my experience. There is no reason to feel jealous or petty or envious when you meet someone doing something you want to do and can’t/haven’t/won’t do. Respect them, learn and get over the blocks in your own way knowing that it can, and has, been done before and that you can do it too.


About Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

I am proud, fat, and healthy. Yes, they can all go together like that. Read more at View all posts by Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

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