Salad: From Chore to Choice

Do you eat salad? Do you do so willingly? Do you do so willingly, with pleasure or only by force?

For me, salad used to always be a chore. I was “watching” my weight (go up) and had to eat salad because it was “good for me.” That’s what the infamous They said. So I ate it, under protest.

And it tasted just so–like punishment.

It was all yuck and ick and bleck unless it was literally smothered in some sauce, preferably a sweet, creamy one. That horrible chore salad also needed to be decked with something that was actually pleasure-causing: dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, cheese shreds, chicken strips, though bacon bits were better, or all of the above.

And in the end I had to eat it all.


(I’m sure this calls to mind a picture of an unhappy child at the dinner table. It is intentional. This describes exactly how I felt with a salad in my face.)

Hell, I usually craved a burger or something after eating all that hated salad. All that forced intake of greenery made my insides feel like crying. I always felt unfulfilled and, more than anything, punished. And often still hungry.

See, the problem was my mindset and eating habits at the time–but mostly my mindset. In my head the only vegetable that was ever possible to eat with any pleasure was celery–of the Bumps on a Log variety, i.e. slathered in peanut butter and covered with raisins. Lecker.

It took no longer seeing vegetables as the weird and un-tasty culinary enemy and having a real desire to consider them delicious because I wanted to, not because They wanted me to.

I now eat salad with pleasure and less dressing. Sometimes I even crave a salad. I find carrots and bell peppers sweet. (Though I really don’t like endives or chicory or whatever you call that bitter yuckiness.) I sometimes see salads in restaurants and genuinely think, “that looks good. I’d like to have one.”

But these changes took time and effort, patience and forgiveness (because sometimes only cupcakes are yummy and nothing else will suffice) to make because I know I’m not perfect and never will be. My journey toward health is a lifelong one. I’m racing against no one at all, there is no need to. I take one loving step at a time, run when I can and walk when I need to. Sometimes I even stop to sit. Hell, I even occasionally go backwards. And that’s all okay.

So today I eat salad an actually like it. And you can too, if you really want. I can show you how. Interested?


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I am proud, fat, and healthy. Yes, they can all go together like that. Read more at View all posts by Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

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