10 Reasons I’ll Never Diet Again

This post is a fantastic summary of many of the reasons why dieting is not good for us. We have to practice compassion, curiosity, and honesty with ourselves in order to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Do that in whatever way makes sense to you, but in the meantime check out Ragen Chastain’s list of 10 reasons why she is never dieting again:

Dances With Fat

Success and Diets May 6 is International No Diet Day!  In honor of INDD I took some time today to reflect on the many, many years I wasted dieting and came up with 10 reasons that I’ll never diet again – and let me clarify that my definition of dieting is any attempt to use eating and exercise to manipulate my body size. Let me also clarify that I am only speaking for myself here – your mileage may vary.

1.  I refuse to manipulate my body size to try to conform to a social stereotype of beauty.

2.  I refuse to attempt to manipulate my body size to try to solve social stigma, bullying or oppression.  The cure for bullying, social stigma and oppression is not weight loss, it’s ending bullying, social stigma, and oppression.  The problem is not my body, it’s people who bully, stigmatize and oppress me because of my…

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