Raw Fast: Day 1

Quick note: We have no internet! These people really want us to relax. Ha! So I have to find a Wifi connection somewhere in the area in order to post. All that to say I may not post every day. But as soon as I can find a connection I’ll be sure to catch up!

I woke up this morning around 6am with a headache. I am a migraine sufferer, so I am pretty tuned in to the subtleties of pain I feel in my head. This one was gentle, but not nice. I decided that it was probably due to the short night (I didn’t sleep much since I couldn’t get to sleep due to my excitement about today) and dehydration, so I went straight to the kitchen to down my first big glass of water of the day. I also decided that breakfasting on a cucumber and cherry tomatoes was a good, truly German, way to begin my day. Unfortunately, my breakfast made me nauseated and I had to lay back down. No biggie, I thought. However, the nausea stayed with me until our stop in Hamburg and lunch. (Thank goodness for the blandness of baked potatoes!)

Landhaus Backyard

Gorgeous and peaceful, our backyard borders right on the forest.

Our retreat by Keimling is located in Lüneburger Heide, a nature reserve about 1 hour south of Hamburg, and the scenery is just fantastic. All our events are taking place in the Undeloher Hof Landhaus, a small bed and breakfast type deal and our room is wonderfully comfortable.

After a shower, we joined the rest of the group for a meet-and-greet and dinner. We went around the table and introduced ourselves by telling the group our motivation for being here. Several of the group members are repeaters and one guy was also here last week. Seems promising when people come back!

Magical Table of Information

This is the magical table of information covered in books about going raw, fasting, detoxing, and the vegan lifestyle.

Dinner was a fruit buffet. All fruit. Just fruit. Oh, and water to drink. Filtered water with stones in it. Needless to say, I was completely surprised. Good thing was that the buffet was nicely spread with apples, pears, kiwis (green and gold), oranges and grapefruit. Our challenge was to eat slowly and focus on our chewing in order to slow down our eating and be more satisfied. We’re practicing intuitive eating here! Ich bin total begeistert! (I’m so excited!)

Our leader even demonstrated ways to cut the citrus fruits in ways that made them easier to eat. Fun! I ate a grapefruit, half a gold kiwi, and a pear. Nauseated no more!

Where the Magic Happens

This is where the magic happens. We’ll sit here together and share our experiences, the ups and the downs, our meals, and our learning.

Confession: Right now we’re in our room and Husby is watching TV and there was just an advertisement for Kerry Gold butter. Oh, man. I’ve never wanted butter as badly as I did in that moment. 

We’re going to have an active week! We start at 8am with a glass of clay mixed in water (Heilerde). Afterwards we do a wake up exercise and take an hour-long Nordic walking session through the park. We’re given a half-hour break for changing out of our sweaty clothing and then have breakfast. Tomorrow, after breakfast, we’re going to have a special presentation from a doctor about the pros and cons of raw fasting. After that, we will be invited to take a hike and then get another break. During our second break we have the opportunity to enjoy the sauna, massages, or the area. Best part of the day is the afternoon raw foods workshop where we get to play with the tools of the trade and learn how to prepare our own raw foods at home. Then dinner and a movie. And a foot soak. I’m sure I’ll look forward to that!

So far, I’m still excited. A bit nervous about the huge amount of activity that we’ll be partaking in (especially before eating), but I’m stoked to see what tomorrow brings!!!


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