Raw Fast: Day 3

Day 3 of my Raw Fast brought with it a few interesting things. During our morning walk, I felt weak. Nothing too crazy, just wasn’t able to keep the same pace as the day before. So due to my less-than-stellar morning performance, I opted to stay in instead of going hiking. Good news is that I was feeling quite fine and my headache was completely gone!

Our afternoon workshop was about green smoothies based on the book “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko. We discussed what kinds of greens went with what kinds of fruits, and also what kinds do not go. See, that’s important information! Knowing what not to do really helps mitigate the yuck factor that most people experience when first encountering green foods. Great stuff!

This workshop was also hands-on, so we got separated into two groups, each using a base of white (green) grapes, and a different green. Our team was using kohlrabi greens (which are a lot like kale) and the other team used spinach.

Green Smoothie Workshop

Part of my team during the Green Smoothie workshop on Raw Fast: Day 3.

We were tasked with mixing just the two base ingredients together, tasting, and then deciding if something else was necessary. Possible additives were lemon, ginger, rehydrated goji berries, and mint. My team chose to go the simple and elegant by only adding ginger (for kick) and rehydrated goji berries (for flair… and health, also). We also got to check out the other team’s creation. I liked it quite a lot because they also added mint which gave it an extra fresh zing. Gotta love zingy!



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