Raw Fast: Day 4

Today it rained. It rained a lot. However, I would have never previously believed that I would be out in the rain, exercising, and happy about it. Surprises all around!

This morning’s walk was a bit different. We got to try out a cool device called the Smovey instead of the Nordic walking sticks. Man, those things kicked my butt!

Smovey Workout

Smovey ring exercises for a fun, butt kicking, arm toning workout. Find all the small muscles you didn’t even know were there!

I was already feeling my muscles crying out after two days of pretty vigorous (for me) exercise, and the Smovey has the lovely feature of using muscles that you don’t often use… the little, deep ones that we forget we have.

Today, I know they are there.

I promise, I will never forget them again.

Breakfast featured the Red Lady papaya. Interesting fact: you can eat the seeds and the skin. Another interesting fact: you can dry out the seeds and put them in a pepper mill for a tasty, spicy treat. Here’s one more: I don’t like papaya. It tastes like yuck to me. I found that interesting, but I have to say that it’s cool to see how different people’s tastes are. Other folks here helped themselves to two or three servings. My first bite was more than enough. Just another proof of how individual we all are.

More activity was not in the plan for me today. Gotta give the crying muscles time to relax and heal. I used the time wisely by taking a wonderfully restful nap. I will continue my relaxation with a full-body and foot reflexology massage.

Today has been a nice day, in spite of/because of the rain.

Random thought: On Saturday evening, as we sat down to eat our fruity dinner, I felt like a naughty child, “Fruit for dinner! What would my mother think?!?!” Sometimes it’s just better to enjoy simple things. Our programming is often a bit off, even though our programmers meant well. They were dealing with the information they had at hand. However, we, as adults, have to take things into our own hands and go back to the intuitive way we used to eat as young children.

Fruit for dinner is okay… and sometimes the best thing for us.

Tonight we had a vegan cheese workshop. I have to say that I was completely surprised how good it tasted. And, to continue on the honesty, I also really missed the savory flavors that we usually get from cheese.

Vegan Cheese and Cracker

Vegan cheese serving suggestion: on a raw cracker with a sprig of chives and a cherry tomato slice.

Vegan cheese prep

Vegan cheese preparation. Are you as surprised as I was at what goes inside?

Can’t wait to get home and try a bit of that out for myself!


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