Raw Fast: Day 5

Today I woke up not feeling so super. Basically we stayed up late last night to watch the Germany/Brazil World Cup match which started at 10pm our time. All this week I’ve been completely knocked out by that time, but I made an exception for the match. Poor Brazil. I was still in a REM cycle when Husby shook me awake. This made the morning exercise a bit difficult… also the fact that we added a new technique to increase the fitness.

Breakfast brought more mangoes. Yay! Wonderful discovery today: mini mangoes! I think I ate 30 of them. Super lecker! 

We took a car trip today, mostly to look for a laundromat: all this exercise means lots of sweaty clothing.

Hiking Like a Pro

This is my “I’m hiking like a pro” picture. See the handkerchief-cum-sweatband? Professional.

Hiking Like a Pro 2

This is me actually hiking like a pro.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a laundromat, but I did find something else very interesting: food cues are everywhere.

This week I have not really experienced hunger pangs. I’ve been eating fruit and vegetables until I’ve been satisfied. Surprisingly, it hasn’t taken much.

But today I experienced hunger.

Stomach rumbling, burny-feeling, uncomfortable, gotta-eat-something-this-moment hunger.

The signs for bakeries, the chalkboard menus advertising grill buffets, the döner shops. All of these food cues. I didn’t actually want any of the stuff that I saw. This week, apples, mangoes and avocados have been more my flavor.

But seeing that cartoon soft pretzel drawing really made my mouth water and stomach rumble.

It’s easy to see how so many of us in the industrialized countries have become slaves to food: it’s freaking everywhere we look. I can probably wax poetic about this for hours, but I’ll hold myself back. Just like I did today with a drink of water and a sweet pepper instead of a stop in the bakery, though that pretzel was calling my name….

This evening brought with it more rain and a raw chocolate workshop. I’m not crazy about chocolate, but I found the making of sweet things delightful.

Raw Chocolate Prep

Raw Chocolate Workshop introduction. These plates contain the wonderful ingredients that we used to make tonight’s raw chocolate pralines.

Raw chocolate praline dessert

Freshly made raw chocolate pralines for dessert. All is good in my world.

Not a bad ending to the day!


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