Raw Fast: Day 6 (almost done!)

Feeling good today! Went to sleep a bit late last night because I was feeling so full of energy, completely untired alltogether. However, I had to give up the ghost and force myself to sleep.

I slept deeply, restfully, fantastically.

Woke up feeling just great. Strong. Light. Still a bit sore in the arms.

So I decided it was time to try out the “Basebad”. All week I’ve been using the bath salt mixture, “MeineBase”, in my foot soaks. However, we also have the possibility to take a full bath using the same mixture. The Basebad mixture contains baking soda, sea salt, washing soda, and small amounts of several different gemstones. Baths are a fantastic way to relax, reduce muscle soreness, and take care of ourselves. With the bath salt mixture we also get the added benefits of skin softening and helping to reduce the acidity of our bodies through detoxing of the skin. (We’ll see how well this all works when I take the “after” blood test.) Either way, I felt fantastically entspannt (relaxed) afterward. Two cheers for relaxing baths!

This evening’s workshop was Bread, Crackers, and Wraps in preparation for our 3-course last supper tomorrow evening. Of course, one needs a couple of high-cost kitchen tools to pull off this type of preparation, namely a dehydrator and good high-speed blender.

Up until now I’ve been missing savory flavors that we usually experience through salt and meats in our meals. The umami  flavor, say the Japanese. However, this evening we prepared a marinade of miso paste, apple cider vinegar, and flaxseed oil to soak our dried porcini mushrooms in.

Mushroom Marinade

Mixing together the ingredients for our steinpilzen marinade. Tiana does work in the kitchen.

Tasting the mixture to see if it needed a little more of this or that satisfied the savory craving I’ve been feeling. Can’t wait until tomorrow when I can really taste our savory yumminess!

The addition to tonight’s buffet was cashews still in the shell, topinambour, and sweet potatoes.

Raw Cashews, In the Shell

Raw cashews, still in the shell. A little bit of bitterness to accompany the lovely creaminess of the cashew you know and love.

The topinambour was an interesting thing to taste. Crispy, moist, lightly sweet. Reminded me a bit of jicama, but sadly jicama it is not.

We spent the time after the meal becoming acquainted with websites that are full of raw recipes, nordic walking cool down and stretching exercises, and also a site where we can sign up for a personalized fitness program called Freeletics. Interesting takeaways for those of us who would like to continue our healthy journey after leaving this peaceful place.

Still can’t believe it’s already Thursday night. This week has flown by rather pleasantly.


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