Raw Fast: Day 7 (Crossing the Finish Line: pic heavy)

Our last full day of fasting (vacation) has come to an end with a yummy bang: our self-prepared 3-Course Menu!

But before we talk about dinner, let’s discuss the day.

I woke up feeling strong, rested, and ready to go. We started with a water test where we did a blind taste test of two filtered waters: one previously containing crystals, one without. Whole crystals are added to the water to change the ionic charge of the water and are also said to change its taste among other things. When sampled, one of the waters tasted flat, the other fresh. It turned out that the flat water was simply filtered and the fresh water had been “crystalled”. Gotta say that maybe there really is something to that crystal stuff…

Our morning workout was short due to the trampoline introduction we got today. I was pleasantly surprised about how fun these things are! Not only were they super enjoyable, but they really kicked butt in the workout department. A perfect tool for making movement enjoyable. I felt like a giddy kiddy the whole time!

Tiana on a Trampoline

Bouncing around and getting a workout in at the same time. That smile and laughter you see on my face were there the whole time. Have to get one of these for the house!

Our breakfast buffet brought with it a wonderful exotic treat: mangosteen!


Gorgeous, tasty, and super duper healthy! A lovely treat for a lovely day!

I think I ate about 12 of these things and nothing else for breakfast. Ha! You can even eat the seeds. It was like eating a mandarin orange, sans sour, with a delicately flavored almond-like center. Great combination of textures!

Our hike today came with a sweet reward: Peter’s Raw Apple Cake! After 4 kilometers of wandering through the gorgeous Lüneburger Heide, we sat down to our yummy snack.

Tiana and Peter's Raw Apple Cake

Looking happy because I am getting ready to enjoy this raw apple cake made from the recipe of our Raw Fast leader, Peter Dreverhoff.

The cake was completely wonderful. Lots of almonds, nicely filling. Today was a festival of eating!

We treated ourselves to a horse-drawn carriage (coach) ride back to the hotel. The weather was simply fantastic. (As you can see, I was having quite the lovely day!)

So now what we all have been waiting for: the 3-Course Menu! (and a photo frenzy!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A wonderful end to a wonderful week!


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