Raw Fast: RESULTS! (cue snare drum)

So last week, as you may know from reading/having read the following posts:

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I embarked on a journey of self challenge and discipline, cleverly disguised as a Raw Fast. Of course, I’m sure you’re dying to know how well it worked for me besides the little bits I shared about how I felt, amount of energy, etc. Good thing is that I actually have some hard data to show the improvement! Here it is: the Magic of Raw Foods!

I consider myself a normal eater. I eat whatever I want, within reason, be it fish, meat, fruits, veggies, or treats. I practice intuitive eating, and nothing is taboo.

However, for the week of our Raw Fast retreat, I excluded cooked foods, gluten, lactose, sugar, and all animal products (including honey).

This stark exclusion resulted in a 7kg weight loss (>15 lbs). Interesting as it may seem, I don’t actually feel the weight loss. And, honestly, I think it’s because it’s not my focus. I was interested in the hard and factual health improvements I would experience.

Enter: Dark Field Blood Analysis.

Dark field analysis is a different way for medical professionals, usually naturpaths, to check the current state of our blood, giving clues to how we’re doing overall health-wise. A great video showing how it all works can be found in the first 5 minutes of this video. Online sources, like the Wiki, state that this type of blood analysis is pure quackery. *shrug*

All I have to say is that the pictures below are what I saw:

Dark Field from Day 1

This is my Day 1 dark field blood analysis photo. The greyness and lines of the background, and the clumpiness of the red blood cells (white circles) show that my body is overly acidic.

Dark Field from Day 7

This is the blood analysis photo from Day 7. Here you see no red blood cell (white circle) clumpiness. The lines in the background are gone. The background itself is clearer. Huge difference!

Quackery or no, I saw a marked difference in my blood in one simple week.

So what now?

The experiment is over. I came through to the other side with some new knowledge and a few new practices to help me along my healthy journey. Notably, how my daily movement has not incorporated nearly enough arm strengthening exercises!

Do I intend to become a raw foodist? Probably not. However, I have been turned on to new ideas about how easy it is to add more raw foods into my normal meals. Confession: my dehydrator has been running almost all week. The apartment smells totally food-tastic! Who knew there were so many things you can dehydrate?

Do you have specific questions about my experience? Want more details?

Feel free to ask in the comments or by email: tiana@tianadodson.com


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