This Is Your Real Life

This is my trash can, almost full this morning. As you can see, this gorgeous little organic watermelon went to waste in favor of the quick and easy "bagged" meal underneath it. This is reality.

This is my trash can, almost full this morning (the Trashman cometh). As you can see, this gorgeous little organic watermelon went to waste in favor of the quick and easy “bagged” meal underneath it. This is reality.

Being in an insulated (isolated) environment where someone is basically preparing all of your food for you makes eating healthily dead easy. After my week-long raw fast retreat where I experienced exactly this, I am feeling the challenges of reintegrating into real life.

The right choices were always easy to make during our retreat due to the fact that we were insulated from the outside world and all the tools (and foods!) were provided for us. I barely even craved other foods. All was made easy: The table was set, the dishes were washed for us, even our beds were made for us. Laundry was as simple as delivering the bag full of dirty, sweaty things to the front desk. We had no requirements save showing up on time and participating as much or as little as we liked. Oh, and speaking German, that was really the hardest part.

But now we’re home. Back to the real world. Back to the mostly empty fridge, the need for doing our own shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry. And now maintaining a raw food diet is a lot more intimidating. No restaurants serve that stuff in my town. There is no delivery service for raw foods. We have to *gasp* prepare it all ourselves! (insert dramatic Hitchcock-esque terror-filled scream)

This is a reason why folks who lose weight using prepared food diets soon gain their lost weight back when finished: they are unprepared for life in the real world where we are tempted by food not only by simply stepping outside, but also by the 30-second spots of vapidity between our favorite shows while we sit safely at home.

The food cues are everywhere and the only way to avoid succumbing is by being prepared.

It’s just that simple.

All of us are armed with the knowledge: that stuff is the easy part. We all know what to eat, when to eat, how and how much to eat. The challenge is the actual doing part.

So we need to be sure that we have what we need around us at all times, ready to go.

Because that’s what last week taught me: if it’s ready and in my face I don’t have the space or opportunity to make some dumb excuse and eat something less than good for me.

Sidenote: Hey, if fast food is something you want to eat, really want to eat, then go ahead and eat it. Do you. I’m not judging. Just do your best to avoid letting unpreparedness or laziness be the reason you’re driving through.

Yes, I know that this kind of healthy raw stuff doesn’t just come out of the box. Yes, I know that’s not realistic. So here’s what we can do: make a date with yourself to get ready. Plan it. Schedule it. Write out your list and go shopping and then come home and do the washing, chopping, blending and dehydrating. Make it a priority, like a doctor’s appointment, because it’s about our health and the two are equivalent. (Matter of fact, one can preclude the other.)

But remember who we’re doing this for: we’re doing this for us. Because we deserve it. All of us. Every day.

Our best bet is to start small and get bigger as our comfort and desire grows. Just do something. Because you love you. And this stuff only makes us better.

What can you do to get started today?


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