I Am Thankful For

Cornmeal because it is the basis of so many yummy dishes for today’s celebration.
My strong digestive system because without it, many Thanksgiving meals would have been just horrible.
Ham because we like it better than turkey.
Spices because they make everything I cook just that much better.
Skype because it keeps me in contact with the ones I love somewhere beyond the sea.
Finding the path to embrace my fat body and turn so many years of shame around and into love.
The generosity of Husby because without his support and encouragement I wouldn’t have found health coaching.
The ability to be writing this to you today.
Love. Familial love. Romantic love. Body love. Self love. Love of nature. Love of life. Love of others.

Thank you for reading this because I am also oh so thankful for you, dear reader.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


About Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

I am proud, fat, and healthy. Yes, they can all go together like that. Read more at http://www.tianadodson.com View all posts by Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

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