Reclaiming the Word “Fat”

I call myself the Fat Health Coach, not only as a way to differentiate myself from any other health coaches you find out there, but also because it’s true.

At my old job, there was a new guy who was pretty obnoxious. He seemed to get off on insulting people and I didn’t want much to do with that. However, one day I could no longer hold my tongue and commented that he was really obnoxious. His face screwed up, a moment passed, and he simply replied, “nevermind.” I asked him what he meant by that and he said, “well, I was going to say that you’re fat.” My response, “Oh, what a clever insult.”

In that moment, I realized that I was not really offended by being called fat. It was a simple truth. I’m fat. I’ve pretty much always been fat. And many people throughout my lifetime have used this descriptive term against me.

It’s gotten old and I’m over it.

When I began this journey to becoming a health coach and was challenged to embrace this part of myself (that everyone else seemed to see first and foremost), I had some trouble really “coming out” as fat. Ragen Chastain of Dances With Fat talks about this extensively. And I’ve found that a simple mindset shift was all that was really necessary to neutralize this word.

Basically, if I was really and truly over with having the word fat being used against me and I embraced myself, all of myself, including my fat, then I simply had to stop letting that little word have such power over me.

I did that by deciding to reclaim it and make it mine.

I began to use it to describe myself and others like me. It’s not pejorative, it’s like saying they are tall, short, old, young, whatever: descriptive. Some people are skinny. Some are brunette. Some are American. Describe, describe, describe.

And when I use the word fat in this way, it loses its charge. Batteries are dead. No more power, baby.

And that’s the way it should be.

Fat does not have to be insulting or a sentence for early death and disease.

Fat can be what you make it.

Use it to describe yourself and see how you feel. And remember, it’s just a descriptive word. An adjective. Nothing more than that.

Need help reclaiming fat for yourself? No problem, we can work on this together. Sign up for your free Breakthrough Session today by clicking here.


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