I’m Moving!

I’ve been putting plenty of things off for plenty of time because there has always been something more important at hand. In many ways, this was not such a bad thing because it helped me to get over the B.S. in my head that could have kept me from putting myself out there and starting this blog and business.

Perfection is simply a way to avoid taking risks. If it’s not perfect, you don’t put it out there, and if you don’t put it out there you’ll never really fail.

But this is also a heap of steaming crap because in order to make your mark in the world, you’ve gotta take the risk, you’ve gotta leap. So I leapt and started blogging here on WP.com.

2 years later, I’m finally ready to take the next step and leap to blogging on my own self-hosted site. My address will remain the same (www.tianadodson.com) but if you’re following me here on WordPress you won’t be seeing my new stuff. I’m not getting rid of the old stuff, so if you feel nostalgic and want to check out a post you read before, feel free. It’ll be here until it causes some problem and I need to get rid of it. But if you want to continue your hate loss journey and following along with me on mine, then join my email newsletter, follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook to get all the updates.

It’s been a pleasure to be able to share my journey with you. I hope you choose to come along for the next part as well.

Your Fat Health Coach,




About Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

I am proud, fat, and healthy. Yes, they can all go together like that. Read more at http://www.tianadodson.com View all posts by Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach

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