(Re)Discover Your Body

6 self care practices to unite you and your body

A 6-week, transformational e-Course

Learning to love your body starts with choosing to no longer suffer at the hands of diets that fail, only causing you to gain the weight back, plus some, and feel badly about yourself. You’re probably here because you’ve already made that choice. Congratulations!

But even though you’ve chosen to love and accept your body and stop the dieting nonsense, you may not yet know how to change how you actually feel about your body.

Many of my clients tell me that they feel like their body is separate from them, and often that it betrays them time and again. When you feel disconnected from your body, your physical self, learning to love and appreciate that body is like learning to love and appreciate a stranger. But it does not have to be that hard.

No matter what you have done to it or how you have felt about it in the past, your body has loved you unconditionally the whole way. It continues to draw breath, digest your meals, and carry you where you want to go as long as it is able. Your body is not a stranger, and definitely not betraying you. It’s time for you to reunite yourself with your body.

That’s what this course is about: taking the next step along the journey toward loving your body by reconnecting you and your physical self.

This 6-week email series will include the following:

  • Simple strategies to relearn how to appreciate the skin you are in
  • Easy-to-implement activities that you can practice almost anywhere
  • Practical exercises to change how you see yourself through the eyes of others
  • A 45-minute coaching session to help you overcome challenges with implementing these strategies

Whether this is the first time you’ve decided body love is right for you or if you’ve fallen off the wagon and want to get back on, I share strategies I’ve learned through my own personal hate loss journey and those that have worked for my past clients.

You desire to feel good about your body. This seems like a daunting task. However, small, concrete steps will help you break down the walls that stand between you and the acceptance you want to achieve. Come with me and let’s get started.

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About the Author
Tiana Dodson is the Fat Health Coach. When she’s not writing about being fat and winning at life by forgoing the old school belief that you have to be thin to live well and be well, she’s coaching amazing, chubby women on creating amazing, healthy lives. She blogs and enjoys the good life as an expat in Europe.