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Your Fatstory

Most of us were born fat. We had those adorable, chunky baby cheeks and thigh rolls that made mommas swoon from the cuteness. But somewhere along the way, we picked up fat that no longer caused happiness for us and those around us. The fat that had once made people want to kiss us and lovingly squeeze us became a sign of worthlessness and a reason to shame.
No matter where we may be on our collective journey to overcome those negative feelings normally associated with our body size, that size has a story. A Fatstory.
I know mine and now I want to know yours. I’m researching what other peoples’ fat history is like to determine how I can better help people with my body love coaching. If I’m going to really make a difference in the world by guiding others to love their bodies, I want to have a broad spectrum understanding of what others experience as fat folk.
Gift me with your attention for a short, 30-minute interview about how you found your way to choosing to love your body. I’m interested to find out what path you took to make the choice in order to help others just like us find their way here too. If you’re far along or just beginning, all input is valuable. There is no cost to you except your time and openness. Share as much or as little as you like.
Interested? Then click on the image below to schedule your interview at a time that works best for you.
Fatstory Photo
I’m looking forward to experiencing your Fatstory!

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