Success Stories

Here are a couple examples of the successes some of my clients have had in just 30 days after making their choice to begin loving their bodies in addition to working with me:

JaimeeB“The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning working with Tiana has been a relationship with my body that is one of oneness and not one of good or bad judgment. I am able to see my body as part of myself now and as a tool an collaborator. My body is something to rely on for input and have patience for, something to make stronger and that is already strong. This was definitely not the case before!” –Jaimee B., Online Services Manager, Cleveland, OH

“I have a history of giving things up because I had feelings of unworthiness and not feeling like I had the right to do them because of my weight. However, through Tiana offering simple and realistic suggestions and tools for me to work with on a daily basis I am more quickly able to shift my negative self-talk to positive and am experiencing a general increase in self confidence. I am now able to look within myself from a place of gentleness, allowing me to continue my journey of self love.” –Kerry C., Property Manager, Boca Raton, FL

Ready to write your own body love success story?

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