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I’m Moving!

I’ve been putting plenty of things off for plenty of time because there has always been something more important at hand. In many ways, this was not such a bad thing because it helped me to get over the B.S. in my head that could have kept me from putting myself out there and starting this blog and business.

Perfection is simply a way to avoid taking risks. If it’s not perfect, you don’t put it out there, and if you don’t put it out there you’ll never really fail.

But this is also a heap of steaming crap because in order to make your mark in the world, you’ve gotta take the risk, you’ve gotta leap. So I leapt and started blogging here on

2 years later, I’m finally ready to take the next step and leap to blogging on my own self-hosted site. My address will remain the same ( but if you’re following me here on WordPress you won’t be seeing my new stuff. I’m not getting rid of the old stuff, so if you feel nostalgic and want to check out a post you read before, feel free. It’ll be here until it causes some problem and I need to get rid of it. But if you want to continue your hate loss journey and following along with me on mine, then join my email newsletter, follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook to get all the updates.

It’s been a pleasure to be able to share my journey with you. I hope you choose to come along for the next part as well.

Your Fat Health Coach,




Who I Am and Why I Am Here

windy snow dayCourtesy of the WordPress Blogging University Blogging 101 challenge and some self-reflection I’ve been doing these past few weeks, I’m here today to tell you a bit more about who I am and why I’m here.

Some years ago, I discovered blogging as an idea to make some extra money in my free time. I was never much of a writer, or so I thought, so it was really hard for me to create posts to sell products that I didn’t believe in at all. Yet, through a happy coincidence, I found a product that I half believed in: a dating how-to guide.

At the time, I was newly single and sad about it. I had run the gamut of after-breakup-dating-mishaps and I wanted to learn how to do it “right.” Enter the dating guide.

The post I ended up writing under an alias to advertise the guide was something so different from anything else that I had previously written. It was raw, it was honest, it was cathartic, it was cleansing.

I wanted more of that.

And I needed it.

I had never put much stock in journaling and had had a few failed attempts at keeping diaries in my teenage years. I didn’t think this writing stuff was for me.

However, the ability to be so open about my feelings and what was going on with me was addictive. And with each successive post, it helped me work through the sadness that had engulfed me since my break up.

I felt so freed by finding privacy in a public space. It was like being naked in a crowd, but invisible.

Good stuff.

Fast forward a few years, and you’ll find me starting my health coaching business. Blogging was all the rage for establishing oneself, giving a personality to an online presence, and developing a relationship with potential clients.

I was resistant.

I was so resistant.

I was afraid of “coming out” as a fat person who was daring to be a health coach. I thought no one would want what I had to offer and I’d be an utter failure. Working through these false beliefs by finding Health at Every Size and the Fat and Size Acceptance movements catapulted me to begin producing my own little feats of activism: writing. Honest and open blog posts about my personal experiences as a fat person who dares to go against the grain and declare that my health is exclusive of my body size.

I’ve been found by others who find my words inspirational. I’ve made connections with like-minded folks who want to continue to spread the word. I’ve become more sure about what it is I’m doing here and what I want to continue to do.

I’m fat. I’m proud. I’m focusing on my health. And I’m on a journey to make this a possibility for any other fat person who makes the choice to do so.

Wanna come along?

My Amazing Body

Exotic Orchids and Tea Cup

These exotic orchids greeted me each morning, noon, and night. The tea cup was instrumental to my hydrated well-being.

[Warning: This post is full of stuff about woman parts, birth control and menstruation references. If you’re not cool with vaginas and the fact that they are just another organ which can do stuff like bleed, then stop reading here. You can catch the next post, which will probably be vagina free. Have a great day!]

In the middle of the night a bit more than a week ago, amidst great bouts of dull pain, I would begin a journey demonstrating just how awesome my body is. I sit here today writing this after the ever-so-painful removal of 20 staples from my lower abdomen. I feel three thousand times better.

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Sometimes We Get a Second Chance

Interesting how things happen sometimes…

In my previous post, I talked about how I missed an opportunity to share the message about body acceptance for all. Funny thing is that the very next day I was confronted with a similar situation, given a chance to do it differently the second time around.

Of course I didn’t just jump into this person’s face and tell them how their thinking is harmful (that would have been rude and crazy, not a good look when you’re trying to challenge someone’s beliefs). I tactfully (I think) started a discussion about how every body is perfect just the way it is today, right now, in this moment.

Damn, I even teared up. (I’m tearing up now just writing this.)

And the feedback was wonderful!

I should definitely take this reminder that being bashful about my thoughts and feelings is not helping anyone–especially me. Staying quiet and small helps no one. Ever.

Be big! Be proud! And be unafraid to be you!

Gorgeousness and Heat: Vacation Update

I’m in Corsica, this little French island in the Mediterranean Sea. (If you don’t know it, don’t be embarrassed… I didn’t know it either. Geography is not my strong suit.)


It’s hot.

And I’m covered in bug bites. I itch. It’s horrible.

But I love the fact that I’m somewhere with warm water, sunshine, and gorgeous, sandy beaches. 

It’s completely gorgeous here. And once I get some decent speed on this here internet, I’ll upload some photos.

Stay tuned.


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